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As a security service integration platform, Security Platform as a Service (SecPaaS) is sponsored by the Information and Communications Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) according to the Cybersecurity Industry Development Program under the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs to provide technical support and trials (Proof of Concept) on cybersecurity solutions. It aims to improve cybersecurity of domestic companies, ensure security vendors’ compliance with international standards, and match supply and demand in cybersecurity at home and abroad in hopes of promoting the business benefits of a cybersecurity culture.

SecPaaS assists companies in introducing various auxiliary tools and technologies required in the security software development lifecycle. SecPaaS matches supply and demand in cybersecurity by providing cybersecurity products as services for product developers’ evaluation and trial to facilitate long-term business cooperation, further promoting the vertical integration of cybersecurity solutions and innovations/ventures in cybersecurity applications.


Our services

Our services


SECPAAS, as a matchmaking platform for the cybersecurity demand side and supply side, assists different vertical domains to enhance cybersecurity levels by Proof-of-Concept field trials and establishs use cases for Taiwan’s cybersecurity solutions.

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New Tech PoC

By combining the services of cybersecurity suppliers and ITRI’s counsultation services, we help companies develop their in-house cybersecurity technologies and strengthen their abilities, and create key cybersecurity applications for various industry verticals.

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Professional suppliers on SECPASS can help companies identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities of their product or software by using testing tools and generate assessment reports . Companies are also invited to participate in white hat hacking events to find out and fix their cybersecurity issues.

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